SQE Group Client List

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of December 2023 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 823. Lemar Shipping Inc, Greece 824. Leon Shipping & Trading S.A., Greece 825. Leon Shipping & Trading S.A., Greece 826. Leyton Ltd, Monaco 827. Liberty Management S.A., Greece 828. Libraire Maritime, France 829. Lidmar Shipping & Trading Co Ltd, Greece 830. Lightering LLC, USA 831. Limarko Shipping Company AB, Lithuania 832. Lindblad Expeditions LLC, USA 833. Liquimar Tankers Management Inc, Greece 834. LISCR LLC, USA 835. Livanos N.G. Maritime Company Limited, Greece 836. Living Tapes Ltd, UK 837. LMZ Shipping SA, Greece 838. Load Line Marine SA, Greece 839. Locomo Maritime Company, Greece 840. Lognar Maritime Ltd, Ukraine 841. Long Island Maritime Co Ltd., Greece 842. Lotus Shipping Co Ltd, Greece 843. Loukis Co., Greece 844. LPL Shipping S.A., Greece 845. LSC SIA, Latvia 846. Lürssen Yacht Management GmbH, Germany 847. Luxury Marine Charters PTY Ltd, Malta 848. Lydia Mar Shipping Co S.A., Greece 849. M/Maritime Corp., Greece 850. M2Intelligence, Greece 851. MacGregor Greece Ltd, Greece 852. Machrimar Management SA, Greece 853. MACOIL Internationa SA, Greece 854. Maersk Global Service Centres (India) Private, India 855. Maersk Tankers A/S, Denmark 856. Maestro Shipmanagement Ltd, Cyprus 857. Magnus Carrier Corp., Greece 858. Magsaysay Maritime Corp, Philippines 859. Mainpress, Netherlands 860. Majestic International Cruises Inc, Greece 861. Maleas NE, Greece 862. Maltese Line Limited, Malta 863. Mamitank S.A., Greece 864. Mandarin Eagle Shipping Pte Ltd., Singapore 865. Manila Shipmanagement Manning Inc, Philippines 866. Manisa Bulk S.r.l, Italy 867. Manship Maritime Training Center Inc., Philippines 868. Mantinia Shipping Co S.A., Greece 869. Maran Dry Management Inc., Greece 870. Maran Gas Maritime Inc, Greece 871. Maran Tankers Management Inc, Greece 872. Marathon Hellas Agencies Ltd., Greece 873. MarCo, Israel 874. Marcrecida Compania Naviera S.A., Greece 875. Mare Maritime Co SA, Greece 876. Marflet Marine SA, Spain 877. Marin Teknikk AS, Norway 878. Marin Tours, Greece 879. Marine Bulk S.A., Greece 880. Marine Industrial Concerns S.A., Greece 881. Marine Management Services MC, Greece 882. Marine Managers Ltd., Greece 883. Marine Media Enterprises, UK 884. Marine Response Alliance, USA 885. Marine Security International, Greece 886. Marine Tech SA de CV, Mexico 887. Marine Trust Ltd, Greece 888. Mariners Shipping Agency SA, Greece 889. Marita Hellas SA, Greece 890. Mariteam Nigeria Ltd, Nigeria 891. Mariteam Services Inc., Greece 892. Maritech EPE, Greece 893. Maritim Management AS, Norway 894. Maritime and Coastguard Agency, UK 895. Maritime Management Inc., Ireland 896. Maritime Medical Applications BV, Netherlands 897. Maritime Professional Training, USA 898. Maritime Ways SA, Marshall Islands 899. Marla Dry Shipmanagement Inc., Greece 900. Marla Tankers Shipmanagement Inc., Greece 901. Marlog Guyana Inc., USA 902. Marlog Services Limited, Cuba 903. Marlow Navigation Co Ltd, Cyprus 904. Marlow Navigation Netherlands B.V., Netherlands 905. Marlow Ship Management Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 906. Marnavi S.p.A., Italy 907. Marpoint, Greece 908. Marorka, Iceland 909. Marshall Islands International Registries INC, USA 910. Marsig mbH, Germany 911. Marwave Shipmanagement srl , Italy 912. Maryville Maritime Inc., Greece 913. Master Maritime Agencies Co Inc, Turkey 914. Matrix Energy Group, Nigeria 915. Mayamar Marine Enterprises SA, Greece 916. MCR-Shipping B.V., Netherlands 917. Meadway Shipping & Trading Inc, Greece 918. Meandros Lines S.A., Greece 919. Medcare Shipping SA, Greece 920. Mediterranean Car Carriers Lines SA, Greece 921. Mediterranean Chartering & Trading Inc., Greece 922. Mediterranean Shipping Agency, Tunisia 923. Medlink Management SA, Greece 924. Medstar SRL, Italy 925. Medtankers Management Ltd., Greece