SQE Group Client List

Dear Colleague Apo Belokas CEO SQE Group abe@sqegroup.com Apo Belokas @ApoBelokas SQEGROUP is Fostering Sustainable Shipping, for more than 25 years, providing Maritime Safety, Quality & Environmental Solutions, operating SQE MARINE (QHSSE & Regulatory Compliance Consulting, SMS & Ship Manuals), SEADEMY (Training & e-learning), RISK4SEA (PSC Benchmarking, Preparation & Automation) and SAFETY4SEA (Portal, Magazines, Forums, Awards, Surveys & Tailored Publications), to a client list of 1,700+ clients, based in 75+ countries. Shipping is a global industry, where compliance, implementation of best practices and sustainability has always been a challenge. Now more than ever. SQE Group has been in the game for twenty five (25) years with a highly successful track record, based in the most competitive market, at the world capital of Ship Management, being a world leader on providing sustainable shipping solutions including Regulatory Compliance, SMS Consulting, Training, Best Practice, Portal, Magazines, Awards and PSC Analytics with a number of services as properly outlined in our group website (www.sqegroup.com) providing directions to separate service websites and pages. This client list includes all past and present affiliates of our group, (including the IBS Marine Legacy, We act innovatively & responsibly to industry needs operating in an ethical, transparent and forward thinking way, fostering sustainable shipping Clients Environment Industry Human Element CSR Serving Clients 1,700 + Clients 75 Countries World Class Quality 25 + Years Raising Environmental Awareness Events & Awards Promoting Best Practises Developing Leaders SQEACADEMY SKILL4SEA Forums & Masterclasses www.sqemarine.com our initial corporate id from 1998 to 2010) along with an illustration of our latest services and offerings for your information. To learn more about the services and offerings we provide we kindly ask you to visit our group website and dedicated service websites so that we not only enhance your understanding but also provide you with the required confidence to continue choosing our Group and affiliate companies as a service partner. We trust that you will find this Client List of value and assure you that we look forward to providing you with the best maritime solutions and highest level of quality client service standards.

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 1. A.B. Maritime Inc., Greece 2. A.C.A. Shipping, Greece 3. A.K. Shipping & Trading Inc., Greece 4. AA Bon Port SIA, Latvia 5. Abacus Marine Consultants Ltd, Greece 6. ABB SpA- Power Grids Division, Italy 7. ABB Turbocharging, Greece 8. Ability Maritime Ltd, Switzerland 9. Abojeb Company Inc., Philippines 10. ABS Consulting Inc., Greece 11. ABS Europe Ltd, UK 12. ABS Hellas, Greece 13. ABS Marine Services Pvt Ltd, India 14. ABYSS Aqua, Norway 15. Accelleron (Turbocharging Greece SA), Greece 16. Access Ferries S.A., Greece 17. Access Shipping Ltd, Greece 18. Acheon Akti Navigation Co Ltd, Cyprus 19. Action Maritime S.A., Greece 20. Aderco International SA, Switzerland 21. ADK Maritime PTE Ltd, Singapore 22. Admare Ship Management AB, Sweden 23. Admibros Shipmanagement Co Ltd, Cyprus 24. Adnan Denizcilik Ve Tikaret STI, Turkey 25. Adriatic Solution Ltd, Croatia 26. Adriatico Ltd., Greece 27. Adventure Offshore Ltd, Ghana 28. Aegean Bulk Co Inc, Greece 29. Aegean Bunkering Services Inc, Greece 30. Aegean Eco Carriers S.A., Greece 31. Aegean Protective Coatings S.A, Liberia 32. Aegean Shipping Management S.A., Greece 33. Aeolus Compania Naviera SA, Liberia 34. Aeromet Hellas EPE, Greece 35. Aetea Sierra Maritime Co Ltd., Greece 36. African Leader Transport, France 37. Afro Shipmanagement SA, Greece 38. Agencias Universales SA., Germany 39. Agile Denizcilik Ltd Sti, UAE 40. Aglaia Sea Transport Inc, Philippines 41. Ahoy Rotterdam NV, Netherlands 42. Ahrenkiel Steamship GmbH & Co KG, Germany 43. Ahrenkiel Tankers GmbH & Co KG, Germany 44. Aias Iolcos Shipping, Greece 45. Aims Shipping Corportation, Greece 46. Akhisar Denizcilik ve Gemi Isletmeciligi Tic AS, Turkey 47. Akron Trade & Transport, UAE 48. Al Andalus Int Nav Co Ltd., Saudi Arabia 49. Al Safina Security UAE, UAE 50. Al Wasl Marine LLC, UAE 51. Alandia Forsakring Abp, Finland 52. Alassia Newships Management Inc, Greece 53. Albamar Shipping Co S.A., Greece 54. Albert Mulder Shipping Co., Netherlands 55. Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd, Greece 56. Alcyon Shipping Co Ltd., Greece 57. Aldemar Shipping Co, Greece 58. Alert Shipmanagement Inc, Greece 59. Alexandria Shipping S.A., Greece 60. Alfa Laval AEBE, Greece 61. Alfons Hakans Ltd., Finland 62. Algoma Tankers Limited, Canada 63. Alison Management Corp, Greece 64. Alkon Holding Inc, Greece 65. All About Success (AAS) Ltd, Cyprus 66. All Seas Ltd, Greece 67. Allied Maritime Inc., Greece 68. Alloceans Shipping Co Ltd., Greece 69. Allseas Marine SA, Greece 70. ALM Yacht Management d.o.o, Serbia 71. Alma Maritime Company, Greece 72. Alma Shipmanagement & Trading SA, Greece 73. Almeria shipping ltd, Ukraine 74. Almi Marine Management S.A., Greece 75. Almi Tankers SA, Greece 76. Alnav Naftiliaki S.A., Greece 77. Alpen, Ukraine 78. Alpha Adriatic d.d., Croatia 79. Alpha Bulkers Shipmanagement Inc., Greece 80. Alpha Sigma Shipping Corp, Greece 81. ALTAIR Shipping & Trading Corp, Greece 82. Altomare S.A., Greece 83. Alya Marine Sdn Bhd, UAE 84. AMA Marine Ltd., Hong Kong 85. Amadeus Bulk Carriers Ltd, Greece 86. Amalthia Marine Inc., Greece 87. AMD Offshore GmbH, Germany 88. American Bureau of Shipping, Greece 89. American Steamship Mutual P&I Inc, USA 90. AMK Technical Ltd., Greece 91. Amsail, UK 92. Anbros Maritime S.A., Greece 93. Anchor Marine Supplies Pte Ltd, Singapore 94. Ancora Investment Trust Inc., Greece 95. Anderson Shipping, Monaco 96. Andriaki Shipping Co Ltd., Greece 97. Andrico Maritime Co S.A., Greece 98. Andritz AG, Austria 99. Anem Association, Morocco 100. Anemi Maritime Services S.A., Greece 101. Anemoi Marine Technologies, UK 102. Anes SA, Greece 103. Angeakos (Hellas) S.A., Greece 104. Anglo Eastern UK Limited, UK

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 105. Anosis Maritime SA, Greece 106. Antares Shipmanagement S.A., Greece 107. Antilla Holdings Inc, Panama 108. Antipollution ANE, Greece 109. Antony Giavridis ShipManagement Inc, Greece 110. Antwerp Maritime Academy, Belgium 111. AP Companies Global Solutions Ltd, Cyprus 112. AP Companies Global Solutions, Spain 113. APM Terminals Co., Romania 114. Aquametro Oil & Marome Gmbh., Switzerland 115. Aquarius Bulkcarrier Shipping Co Ltd, Greece 116. ARA Rotterdam CV, Netherlands 117. Arab Ship Management Ltd, Jordan 118. Aral Sea Maritime, Greece 119. Aramco Overseas Company B.V., Netherlands 120. Arcadia ShipManagement Co Ltd., Greece 121. Archipelago Shipping SA, Greece 122. Arcturus Sp. Z.o.o., Poland 123. Argo Constructions S.A., Greece 124. Argo Coral Maritime, Netherlands 125. Argo SA – Greek Oil Company, Greece 126. Argoliki ShipManagement, Greece 127. Argonaut Security Ltd, UK 128. Argonavis EPE, Greece 129. Argosy ShipManagement Inc., Greece 130. Arista Shipping SA, Greece 131. Arista Shipping Services Limited, Portugal 132. Ariston Navigation Corp, Greece 133. Arka Global Marine Services LLC, UAE 134. Armador Gemi Isletmeciligi Ltd Sti, Turkey 135. Aroona Drilling Ltd, Turkey 136. Ashapura Maritime FZE, India 137. Asia Pacific Shipping Company Limited, Vietnam 138. ASP Pacific Holdings Pty Ltd, Australia 139. ASP Ship Management Ltd, UK 140. Aspida Maritime Security, Greece 141. Assodivers Ltd., Greece 142. Assurance Liberty Mutual Canada, Canada 143. Asterismos Navigation Corporation, Greece 144. Astra Maritime Inc., Greece 145. Astro Shipmanagement Inc., Philippines 146. Athenian Bulkers S.A., Greece 147. Athenian Hydrodynamics S.A., Greece 148. Athenian Sea Carriers Ltd, Greece 149. Athenian Ship Management Inc, Greece 150. Athens Diversified Shipping Co, Greece 151. Atlantic Bulk Carriers Management Ltd, Greece 152. Atlantic Dredging Corporation, Greece 153. Atlantic Ship Management, UK 154. Atlantica Bay AS., Germany 155. Atlantis Management, Greece 156. Atlas Marine S.A., Greece 157. AtlasNavios - Navigacao LDA, Portugal 158. Auerbach Bereederung GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 159. Aug. Bolten (GmbH & Co) KG, Germany 160. Augusta Due SRL, Italy 161. Augustea Med Ltd, Malta 162. Augustea SPA, Italy 163. Augustea Technoservices Ltd., Malta 164. Avin International S.A., Greece 165. Awaritse Nigeria Limited, Nigeria 166. Axis Bulk Carriers Inc., Greece 167. Azamara Group Ltd, Ukraine 168. Azimuth Shipping Lines Limited, Nigeria 169. Azora Marine Company, Greece 170. B Navios Navegacao LDA, Switzerland 171. B&S Enterprise Co. Ltd, Japan 172. Babylon Navigation DMCC, UAE 173. Baggerbedrijf de Boer B.V., Netherlands 174. Baggermaat Boskalis, Netherlands 175. Bahri Shipmanagement, UAE 176. Baja Ferries Sapi De CV, Mexico 177. Balthellas Chartering S.A., Greece 178. Baltnautic Shipmanagement Ltd, Cyprus 179. Baluco SA, Greece 180. Banea Shipping, Greece 181. Baseblue, Greee 182. Baru Delta Maritime Inc., Greece 183. Baze Technology, Norway 184. BCA College, Greece 185. BD-Shipsnavo GmbH & Co. Reederei KG, Germany 186. Belhasa Compound, UAE 187. Belt Shipmanagement Limited, British Virgin Islands 188. Benefit Software MIKE, Greece 189. Benelux Overseas Inc., Greece 190. Benetech Shipping S.A, Greece 191. Bergen Tankers AS, Norway 192. Bergsund Rederi AB, Sweden 193. Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Cyprus) Ltd, Cyprus 194. Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Hong Kong) LTD Partnership, Hong Kong 195. Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (India) Private Ltd, India 196. Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Singapore 197. Bernstein Tanker GmbH & Co KG, Germany 198. Bertling Transgas SA, Peru 199. Besiktas Likid Tasimacilik Denizcilik Ticaret A.S., Turkey 200. Blackpool & Fulde College, UK 201. Blackwell’s, UK 202. Blank Rome LLP, USA 203. Blaze S.A., Greece 204. Blossom Maritime Corp., Greece

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 205. Blue Communication Limited, UK 206. Blue Ensign Ltd, UK 207. Blue Fleet Management Co Ltd., Greece 208. Blue Line Ship Management S.A., Greece 209. Blue Ocean Maritime Inc, Greece 210. Blue Planet Shipping Ltd., Greece 211. Blue Shipmanagement Corp, Greece 212. BMS United Bunkers Ltd., Greece 213. BMT Smart Ltd, UK 214. Bogerd Martin NV, Belgium 215. Bomar G LLC, Germany 216. Bota Technik Sp. z o.o. Sp. kom., Poland 217. Botcamp Shipping Company Ltd, Greece 218. Bourbon Offshore MMI, UAE 219. BPCO Ltd, Greece 220. Brave Maritime Corporation Inc., Greece 221. Brenford Finance SA, Liberia 222. Brett Marine, Thailand 223. Bright Maritime Corp. (Manila Office), Philippines 224. Bright Navigation Inc, Greece 225. Brise Bereederungs GmbH & Co KG, Germany 226. British Bulkers Inc, Greece 227. Britoil Offshore Services Pte Ltd, Singapore 228. Brittany Ferries, France 229. Brodospas DD, Croatia 230. Brook Ocean Shipping LLC., UAE 231. Brookes Bell, UK 232. Brooklyn Mainport Ltd, UK 233. Brostrom Tankers France SAS, France 234. Brunei Gas Carriers Sendirian Berhad, Brunei 235. BSteinjan Consulting GmbH, Germany 236. Bulkseas Marine Management SA, Greece 237. Bureau Veritas (Cyprus) Ltd, Cyprus 238. Bureau Veritas Hellas SA, Greece 239. Bureau Veritas Marine (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Singapore 240. Byzantine Maritime Corp., Greece 241. C Transport Maritime SA, Monaco 242. Cabiro Shipping Co Ltd., Greece 243. Caltrek shipping & trading inc, Greece 244. Calypso Marine Co Ltd, Greece 245. Camogli Carte Nautiche SRL, Italy 246. Campbell Shipping Co Ltd., India 247. Canadian Nexen, Yemen 248. Canbaz Denizcilik Group, Turkey 249. Candida Corporation, Greece 250. Cape Lite KAN Marine Services, Cyprus 251. Cape Shipping S.A., Greece 252. Capital Gas Ship Management Corp., Greece 253. Capital Ship Management Corp., Greece 254. Capital-Executive Ship Management Corp, Greece 255. Carbofin Spa, Italy 256. Cardial S.A., Greece 257. Cardiff Marine Inc, Greece 258. Caribbean Management S.A., Greece 259. Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd, UK 260. Carl Büttner Shipmanagement GmbH, Germany 261. Carmichael Shipping, Hong Kong 262. Carnaby Shipping Co Ltd, Monaco 263. Carnival Cruise Line, USA 264. Carras (Hellas) S.A., Greece 265. Cassiopea Sarl, Monaco 266. Castor Ship SA, Greece 267. Catsambis Shipping Ltd., Greece 268. Cavallo Marine Partners Ltd, Isle of Man 269. Cavodoro Shipping Corp., Greece 270. Cayman Registry, Cayman Islands 271. CCGS Jean Goodwill, Canada 272. Central Mare Inc, Greece 273. Centrofin Management Inc., Greece 274. Centurian Maritime Co Ltd., Greece 275. Century Bulk Carriers Management Co., Greece 276. Ceres LNG Services Ltd, Greece 277. Ceronav Romanian Maritime Training Centre, Romania 278. Chalos & Co PC USA, USA 279. Chandris (Hellas) Inc., Greece 280. Channel Carriers Inc., Greece 281. Charles M Willie (Shipping) Ltd., UK 282. Charles Taylor Administration Services Limited, UK 283. Charles Willie Shipping, UK 284. Chart Ferox AS, Czech Republic 285. Chartwell Maritime SA, Greece 286. Chartworld Shipping Corporation, Greece 287. Chelsea Shipping Co, Monaco 288. Chemgas Shipping BV, Netherlands 289. Chemstar Dublin Ltd, Ireland 290. Chess Maritime, France 291. Chester Shipping Ltd., Greece 292. Chian Spirit Maritime Enterprises Inc., Greece 293. China Energy Ship Management Co Ltd, Hong Kong 294. China LNG Shipping (International) Co Ltd, Hong Kong 295. Chinese Maritime Transport Ltd, Taiwan 296. Chios Navigation Hellas Ltd., Greece 297. Choice Ballast Solutions, USA 298. Chronos Shipping Co Ltd., Greece 299. Chrystakopoulos Char. & Kon. O.E., Greece 300. Chugoku Marine Paints (Hellas) S.A., Greece 301. Ciel ShipManagement S.A., Greece 302. CISN Management Company Netherlands BV, Netherlands 303. ClassNK, Greece 304. Clearwater Group, Netherlands 305. Clemko Ship Management S.A., Greece 306. Cleopatra Shipping Agency Ltd., Greece 307. Clever Marine Services Ltd, UK

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 308. CM Shipping & Trading Ltd, Turkey 309. CNAN – Nord Algerie, Algeria 310. Coldharbour International Ltd, UK 311. Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd, Cyprus 312. Comarco Mauritius Ltd, Mauritius 313. Combi Lift Projekt GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 314. Combine Marine Inc., Greece 315. Commercial S.A., Greece 316. Common Progress SA, Greece 317. Compania Navier Horamar SA, Argentina 318. Conbulk Shipmanagement Corporation, Greece 319. Consorcio Naviero Reruano SA, Peru 320. Consultores De Navegacion, Spain 321. Cool Company Management AS, Norway 322. Coral Gas, Greece 323. Coral Shipping Corp., Greece 324. Core Marine Limited, Greece 325. Corner Shipping Co Ltd., Greece 326. Cornes & Co Ltd, Japan 327. Cornestone Crew Management Limited, Hong Kong 328. Cosmos Nautical Center, Greece 329. Cosmoship Management S.A., Greece 330. Costamare Shipping Company S.A., Greece 331. Covent Garden Shipping Co, Monaco 332. Coventry University, UK 333. CR Ocean Engineering, USA 334. Crazy Dudes Limited, Marshall Islands 335. Crest Agency Ltd, Liberia 336. Cromar SA, Greece 337. Cross Carribean Services Ltd., Panama 338. Cross Technical Services Ltd, Greece 339. Crowley Maritime Corporation, USA 340. Cruise Management Inc, USA 341. CST Belchem Singapore Pte. Ltd, Singapore 342. CST Schifffahrts GmbH & CO. KG, Germany 343. CT Maritime Consulting, Norway 344. CTRANS Maritime Services S.L., Spain 345. Cyberowl Ltd, UK 346. Cyprus Maritime Co Ltd., Greece 347. Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus 348. D&D Maritime Services Pty LTD, Australia 349. D/S Norden A/S, Denmark 350. DAK Nutrilab Ltd, Cyprus 351. Dalex Shipping Co S.A., Greece 352. Dalian Ocean Shipping Co, China 353. Dalmare S.p.A., Italy 354. Dalnave Navigation Inc., Greece 355. Dalomar Shipping S.A., Greece 356. Damask Shipping Management Ltd., Greece 357. d'Amico Società di Navigazione S.p.A. , Italy 358. Dampskibsselskabet Norden AS, Denmark 359. Danad Shipping Company Ltd., Greece 360. Danaos Management Consultants SA, Greece 361. Danaos Shipping Co Ltd, Greece 362. De Nora Marine Technologies LLC, USA 363. DeckOffice.dk ApS, Denmark 364. Dekoil Inc., Greece 365. Delek Transport Agency Inc, Greece 366. Delfi S.A., Greece 367. Delfic Maritime Training Center, Greece 368. Delfus Maritima De Navegacao Ltda, Brazil 369. Delima Services Ltd, France 370. Delta International Shipping Co S.A., Greece 371. DEME N.V., Belgium 372. Demline Shipping, Egypt 373. Derna Carriers S.A., Greece 374. Desfina NE, Greece 375. Desmi Pumbing Technology, Denmark 376. Dexter Navigation Ltd., Greece 377. Diamantis Pateras Maritime Ltd, Greece 378. Diamlemos Shipping Corp., Greece 379. Diana Shipping Services S.A, Greece 380. Diana Wilhelmsen Management Limited, Cyprus 381. Dianik Bross Shipping Corporation SA, Greece 382. Diaplous Maritime Services, Greece 383. Diego Cali & C Srl, Italy 384. Diethnis Naftiliaki Epitheoriseis Plion, Greece 385. Digital Shadows, UK 386. Dilek Transport Inc., Greece 387. Dileship Marine Corp., Greece 388. Dileton Maritime S.A., Greece 389. Dioryx Maritime Corp., Greece 390. DM Petrogas S.L.U., Spain 391. DMG Events (UK) Limited, UK 392. DND Management Inc, Greece 393. DNV Hellas, Greece 394. Dockendale Ship Management DMC Co, UAE 395. Dogru Yonetim Danismanligi Limited Serketi, Turkey 396. Dohle Seafront Crewing (Manila) Inc., Philippines 397. Dome Chartering & Trading, USA 398. Donnelly Tanker Management Ltd., Cyprus 399. Dorian (Hellas) S.A., Greece 400. Dorian LPG Management Corp, Greece 401. Doris Maritime Services S.A., Switzerland 402. Doris Navigation Ltd, Greece 403. Dorval Kaiun KK, Japan 404. Douglas Consulting, Australia 405. Dovanco Marine Inc, Greece 406. Dravo SA, Spain 407. Drew Marine, USA 408. Dromon Bureau of Shipping, Cyprus 409. Drummar Transportes Maritimos Ltda, Spain 410. Dry Plus Maritime Corp, Greece 411. DS Shipping Ltd, Malta

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 412. DSEC Co Ltd, Korea 413. DST Shipping Inc., Greece 414. DTS Solution, UAE 415. DTU Aqua, Denmark 416. Dubai Shipping, UAE 417. Dupont Clean Technologies, USA 418. Dutch Maritime Services, Netherlands 419. Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd., Greece 420. Dynagas Ltd, Greece 421. Dynamic Shipping Services (DSS) Ltd, Israel 422. Dynasty Shipping Co., Greece 423. E. Nomikos Corp, Greece 424. E.ON Climate & Renewable GmbH, Germany 425. E.W.Liner Charts & Publications Pte Ltd, Singapore 426. Eagle Ship Management Co Ltd, Japan 427. Eastern Mediterranean, Greece 428. Eastern Start Shipping, Lebanon 429. Eastwind Hellas SA, Greece 430. EBS Management AB, France 431. ECA Shipping Limited, Marshall Islands 432. ECOCHLOR, USA 433. Ecole Nationale, France 434. Ecomed EE, Greece 435. Econav SA, Greece 436. Economist Group, UK 437. Eco-Spray Technologies Srl, Italy 438. Ecoslops SA, France 439. Edem Marine SA, Greece 440. Edge Maritime Inc., Greece 441. Edot Solutions, India 442. EDT Shipmanagement Ltd, Cyprus 443. Efnav Company Ltd, Greece 444. Efploia Shipping Co S.A., Greece 445. Efshipping Company S.A., Greece 446. Ehime Kaiun Co. Ltd, Japan 447. Eidesvik A/S, Norway 448. Eikano Shipping and Trading SA, Greece 449. Elamira Greece Co., Greece 450. Elbana Di Navigazione SpA, Italy 451. Elburg Shipmanagement Phils Inc., Philippines 452. Eldrima Maritime Enterprises S.A., Greece 453. Elektronik Lab India PVT LTD, India 454. Element Shipmanagement SA, Greece 455. Eletson Corporation, Greece 456. Elios Navigation S.A., Greece 457. Elmar Shipping Co. S.A., Greece 458. Elmira Shipping & Trading S.A., Greece 459. Elmira Tankers Management SA, Greece 460. Elounda I Shipping Co., Greece 461. Elvictor Crew Management Limited, Cyprus 462. Elvictor Group Hellas, Greece 463. Emarat Maritime LLC, UAE 464. Emaso Shipping Co Ltd, France 465. Embassy & General Consulate of Panama, Greece 466. EMC GAS Corporation, Greece 467. Empire Bulkers Ltd, Greece 468. Empire Chemical Tanker Holdings Inc., Greece 469. Empire Navigation Inc, Greece 470. Empresa Naviera Elcano SA, Spain 471. Empros Lines Shipping Co SP S.A., Greece 472. Empros Shipping Management SA, Greece 473. Enalia Maritime S.A., Greece 474. Endeavor Lines Co Ltd, Greece 475. Endeavor Shipping Co SA, Greece 476. Enea Management Inc., Greece 477. Enerforce Solutions & Consulting Ltd, Cyprus 478. Enesel S.A., Greece 479. Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A., Greece 480. Entrust Maritime Co Ltd., Greece 481. EnviroCleanse, USA 482. Environmental Protection Engineering, Greece 483. Enzian Ship Management AG, Switzerland 484. Eolos Shipmanagement S.A., Greece 485. Epic Marine Services Ltd., UK 486. Epidaurus S.A., Greece 487. EPSCO Cyprus Ltd, Cyprus 488. Epsilon Danube Srl, Romania 489. Epsilon Hellas (Overseas) Ltd, Greece 490. Epsilon Hellas (Overseas) Ltd., Greece 491. Epsilon Maritime Services - Novorossiysk, Russia 492. Epsilon Maritime Services Inc., Philippines 493. Epsilon Maritime Services Ltd., Ukraine 494. Epsilon Maritime Training Center - Odessa, Ukraine 495. Equinox Maritime Ltd., Greece 496. Equiom Limited, Malta 497. Er Denizcilik Sanayi Nakliyat ve Ticaret AS, Turkey 498. Erada Shipping, Albania 499. Ergofix Co, Greece 500. Erma First ESK Engineering Solutions SA, Greece 501. Erria A/S, Denmark 502. Estoril Navigation Ltd., Greece 503. Etepko S.A., Greece 504. Etolian Management Inc., Greece 505. EUKOR CarCarriers Inc, Korea 506. Eurobulk Ltd., Greece 507. Eurobulk SRL, Italy 508. Euroceanica UK, UK 509. Eurodevelopment Management SA, Greece 510. Euronav Ship Management (Hellas) Ltd, Greece 511. Euronav Ship Management SAS, Belgium 512. European Navigation Inc., Greece 513. European Product Carriers Ltd., Greece 514. European Sealines SA, Greece 515. European Seaways Co Ltd., Greece

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 516. Eurotankers Inc., Greece 517. Eurovik Shipping AB, Sweden 518. Evalend Shipping Co S.A., Greece 519. Everlast Shipping S.A., Greece 520. Evic Maritime, Greece 521. Evin Limited, Marshall Islands 522. Evoia Petrol Inc, Greece 523. Evoqua Water Technologies Ltd, UK 524. Evripos Ship Management Inc., Greece 525. Executive Ship Management Pte Ltd, Singapore 526. Executive Shipping Services (USA) Inc, USA 527. EXMAR Shipmanagement NV, Belgium 528. Exmile Solutions Limited, UK 529. Expedo Ship Management Ltd, Canada 530. Expert Maritime, France 531. Expoships LLP, USA 532. Fafalios Shipping S.A., Greece 533. Fairdeal Group Management S.A., Greece 534. Fairmont Shipping Canada Ltd, Canada 535. Fairport Shipping Ltd., Greece 536. Fairsky Shipping & Trading S.A., Greece 537. Falcon Flight SA, Marshall Islands 538. Famar Holding AS, Norway 539. Far East Marine Consultants LLC, USA 540. Farad Heat exchangers S.A., Greece 541. Far-Eastern Shipping Company PLC, Russia 542. Faros AE, Greece 543. Farstand Shipping Co., Norway 544. FE Transport Partnerships Ltd, Malta 545. Fearnley Business Management AS., Norway 546. Felix Bulk Carrier SA, Marshall Islands 547. Ferdinand Freese KG (GmbH & Co), Germany 548. Fesco Wallem Shipmanagement Ltd, Hong Kong 549. FGM Chartering Ltd, Greece 550. FH Bertling Chartering & Ship Management Pte Ltd, Singapore 551. Fidelity Navigation Co., Greece 552. Fidelity Shipping & Trading Inc, Greece 553. Fike Safety Technology Ltd, UK 554. Filtromechanics Co., Greece 555. Firodi Shipping Ltd, Greece 556. First Lines Company SA, Greece 557. First Marine Service Co. Ltd, Japan 558. Fiscale Eenheid Van Dijk, Netherlands 559. Fjord Shipping, Norway 560. Flavio Martins, Brazil 561. Fleet Ship Management Pte Ltd, Singapore 562. Fonnship AS, Norway 563. Fortis Bulkers Inc, Greece 564. Fortius Ship Management Ltd., Greece 565. Fortress Maritime Corp., Marshall Islands 566. Fortune Marine, Korea 567. Fotinakis EPE, Greece 568. Four Shield Solutions Ltd, Cyprus 569. France ShipManagement, Belgium 570. Franco Compania Naviera S.A., Greece 571. Frangoulis S. (Ship Management) Ltd., Greece 572. Franman EPE, Greece 573. Franto Shipping SA, Greece 574. Fratelli d'Amico Armatori SpA, Italy 575. Freese Shipping GmbH & Co KG, Germany 576. Fresti Ltda, Portugal 577. Frio Ventures S.A., Greece 578. Frosito NE, Greece 579. Fukujin Kisen Co., Ltd, Japan 580. Furetank Rederi AB, Germany 581. Furgo GeoServices Inc, USA 582. Furuno Hellas SA, Greece 583. Future Care Inc, USA 584. FW Shipmanagement Ltd, Hong Kong 585. G Bros Maritime SA, Greece 586. G Bulk Corp., Greece 587. G Marine Service Co Ltd, Korea 588. G.S. Maritime Co Ltd, Greece 589. GAC Shipping S.A., Greece 590. Gaitas Kennedy & Chalos, USA 591. Gallagher Marine Systems LLC, USA 592. GARD A/S, Norway 593. Gas Carriers (SCF) Management – FZCO, UAE 594. Gaslog LNG Services Ltd, Greece 595. Gasnaval S.A., Spain 596. Gastanker Investment Corp, Panama 597. Gauzon Iberica, Spain 598. Gaztransport & Technigaz (GTT), France 599. GC Rieber Shipping AS., Norway 600. GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH, Germany 601. Gearbulk Shipowning Ltd, Norway 602. GEFO Gasellschaft fur oeltransporte mbH, Germany 603. Genavir, France 604. General Maritime Enterprises Corp., Greece 605. General Maritime Management (Hellas) Ltd., Greece 606. General Maritime Management (Portugal) Lda, Portugal 607. Genesis Seatrading Corp, Greece 608. Genimar Shipping & Trading S.A., Greece 609. Genoa Maritime S.A., Greece 610. Genshipping Corporation, Slovenia 611. Geomar Shipping Ltd., Greece 612. Gestion Maritime SA, Monaco 613. Gestioni Armaroriali SpA, Italy 614. Gestmar Tehnika d.o.o., Croatia 615. Gestra Corporation S.A., Spain 616. Giuliana Bunkeraggi SPA, Italy 617. Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shipping Company S.p.A., Italy

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 618. Gleamray Maritime Inc., Greece 619. Glentmar Compania Maritima S.A., Greece 620. Global Navigation Solutions SA, Greece 621. Globus Shipmanagement Corp., Greece 622. Glory Ship Management Company, Turkey 623. GMA Maritime SA, Greece 624. GMT Shipping (Hellas) Ltd, Greece 625. Go Shipping & Management Inc., Greece 626. Golar Management Norway AS, Norway 627. Golden Arrow Maritime S.A, Greece 628. Golden Flame Shipping S.A., Greece 629. Golden Seaways NE, Greece 630. Golden Union Enterprises S.A., Greece 631. Golden Union Maritime Operations S.A., Cyprus 632. Golden Union Shipping Co S.A., Greece 633. Goldenport Shipmanagement, Greece 634. Good Faith Shipping Co S.A., Greece 635. Goodwood Ship Management Pte Ltd, Singapore 636. Goulandris Brothers (Hellas) Ltd, Greece 637. Goumas J.G. (Shipping) Co S.A., Greece 638. Gourdomichalis Maritime S.A., Greece 639. GQS, UAE 640. Graig Ship Management, UK 641. Gramen Shipping & Trading Inc, Greece 642. Grand Markela Inc, Liberia 643. Graypen Shipping, UK 644. Grecomar Shipping Agency Ltd., Greece 645. Green Award Foundation, Netherlands 646. Green World Safety & Security Consultancies LLC, UAE 647. Green-Jakobsen A/S, Denmark 648. Grey Cedar Shipping Limted, Cyprus 649. GS Maritime Co Ltd, Greece 650. GSR Services e.K., Germany 651. GT Maritime, UK 652. Guardian Ship Management, USA 653. Gulf Helicopters, UK 654. Gulfmark UK Ltd, UK 655. Guyana National, Guyana 656. Hachiuma Steamship Co., Ltd, Japan 657. Hadi Hamad Al-Hammam Marine Services, Saudi Arabia 658. Hadjipateras John C. & Sons Ltd., UK 659. Hafnia Pte Ltd, Singapore 660. Hai Soon Ship Management Pte Ltd, Singapore 661. HAIFA Marine Shipping, Israel 662. Halkidon Shipping Corporation, Greece 663. Halkitis Urania Boatyard S.A., Greece 664. Hamburg Messe und Congress, Germany 665. Hanseatic Shipping Co Ltd., Cyprus 666. Hanzevast Shipmanagement BV, Netherlands 667. Harbor Shipping & Trading S.A., Greece 668. Harmonia Shipping Management Inc, Greece 669. Harmony Navigation S.A., Greece 670. Hart Shipping Corp., Greece 671. Hartmann Offshore Gmbh & co, Germany 672. Havas Media Ltd, UK 673. Havila Shipping ASA, Norway 674. Hawk Enterprises Inc, Marshall Islands 675. Helios Shipping Ltd., Greece 676. Helix ESG, USA 677. Hellas Confidence Shipmanagement SA, Greece 678. Hellas Marine Services Ltd, Greece 679. Hellenic Carriers Corporation, Greece 680. Hellenic Lloyd's SA, Greece 681. Hellenic Maritime Training Institute Inc., Philippines 682. Hellenic Mutual War Risks Association (Bermuda) Limited, UK 683. Hellenic Register of Shipping, Greece 684. Hellenic Seaways S.A., Greece 685. Hellenic Star Shipping Co S.A., Greece 686. Hellespont Ship Management GmbH & Co, Germany 687. Hellespont Steamship Corporation, Greece 688. HEMEXPO, Greece 689. Heritage Shipping Co Ltd., Greece 690. Herm. Dauelsberg GmbH & Co. KG, Norway 691. Herma Shipping and Transport Corporation, Philippines 692. Hermes Harisiadis SA, Greece 693. Hermes Marine Management S.A., Greece 694. High Seas Maritime Inc, Greece 695. Hind Maritime Enterprises S.A., Greece 696. HISTRIA Shipmanagement SRL, Romania 697. Hoegh Fleet Servises AS, Norway 698. Hoegh LNG Fleet Management AS, Norway 699. Holly House Shipping, Sweden 700. Horizon Denizcilik Ic & Dis Tic.A.S., Turkey 701. Hotdoc Enterprises Ltd, Panama 702. HS Schiffahrts Group, Germany 703. HSIN Chien Marine Co. Ltd, China 704. Hubel Marine Ltd., Netherlands 705. Hudson Analytix, USA 706. Humble Energy Ltd, UK 707. Hyundai Ocean Service Co Ltd, Korea 708. HYDAR SHIPPING, Egypt 709. Hydrodive Nigeria Ltd, Nigeria 710. Hydroussa Navigation Ltd, Greece 711. HYPROC Shipping Company, Algeria 712. Hyundai Global Service Europe B. V., Greece 713. I.M.A. Assessment and Training Center Inc., Philippines 714. IAMSP SA, Morocco 715. Iason Hellenic Shipping Co Ltd, Greece 716. IB Srl, Italy 717. Ibaizabal Management Services, Spain 718. Iblea Ship Management Limited, Greece 719. IINO Marine Service, Japan

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 720. IIR Limited, UK 721. Ikaros Shipping & Brokerage Co Ltd., Greece 722. ILIC Enterprises (HK) Ltd, Hong Kong 723. Ilios Shipping Co. S.A., Greece 724. Iljin and Co Ltd, Korea 725. Image Trading SA, Liberia 726. IMEQ Innovative Maritime Emotional Intelligence Center, Cyprus 727. IML Marine Services Limited, Cyprus 728. Impact Health Services Pte Ltd, Singapore 729. Imperium ShipManagement S.A., Greece 730. IMS SA, Greece 731. Ince & Co, Greece 732. Inci Gemi Isletme Ltd Sti, Turkey 733. INJEGOV SA, Greece 734. INMARSAT Global Limited, UK 735. Innovasjon Norge AE, Greece 736. INSB, Greece 737. Interasia Shipping, Malvides 738. Intercrew Phils. Agency Inc., Philippines 739. Interglobal Shipping 3001 Ltd, Israel 740. Intermed Ltd, Italy 741. International Maritime Center (IMC) S.A., Greece 742. International Paint Ltd, UK 743. International Registries Inc, Greece 744. International Shipping Partners Inc., USA 745. Interorient Maritime DMCC, UAE 746. Interorient Maritime Enterprises Inc, Greece 747. Interschalt Maritime Systems GmbH, Germany 748. Internship Navigation Co. Ltd, Cyprus 749. Intership Pte Ltd., Singapore 750. Interunity Management Corporation, Greece 751. Invicta Marine Ltd., Canada 752. Iolcos Hellenic Maritime Enterprises Co Ltd., Greece 753. Ionia Management S.A., Greece 754. Ionian Fast Ferries NE, Greece 755. Ionian Shipping & Trading Corp, Greece 756. Ionic Bulk Carriers (Mgt) Inc, Greece 757. Ionic Tankers (Mgt) Inc, Greece 758. Ireland Blyth Co., Mauritius 759. Irida Navigation Corp., Marshall Islands 760. Iridium Satellite LLC, USA 761. Irika Shipping S.A., Greece 762. ISF Group International Pte. Ltd, Singapore 763. Istia Maritime Co., Greece 764. Istia Maritime Co., Greece 765. Istos Maritime Inc., Greece 766. Italian Maritime Academy Phils Inc., Philippines 767. IWS Fleet Management AS, Noway 768. J & E Marine LLC, UAE 769. J. Bekkers Co B.V., Netherlands 770. Jacinth Shipping Corp., Greece 771. Jade SA, Greece 772. Jadroplov d.d, Croatia 773. JD Crafts A/S, Denmark 774. Jeil International Co Ltd, Korea 775. Jet Tank Maritime Company, Greece 776. JILDA Shipping Ltd, Liberia 777. JLA Media Ltd, UK 778. JLMD Ecologic Group, France 779. Jo Tankers, Norway 780. Johan Shipping, Malaysia 781. John Giavridis Inc. (ShipManagement), Greece 782. John H. Whitaker (Tankers) Limited, UK 783. John J. Rigos Marine Enterprises S.A., Greece 784. John Samonas & Sons Ltd, UK 785. John T. Essberger GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 786. Joint Development Associates Ltd, UK 787. Jotun Hellas Ltd, Greece 788. JP Alliance Ship Management Co Inc., Philippines 789. Jubiliant Ship Management Pvt Ltd., India 790. Jupiter Marine Services (PVT) Ltd., Pakistan 791. JWC International Ltd, UK 792. K Ships Srl, Italy 793. K Tankercilik & Gemi Isletmeciligi fze, UAE 794. Kairis Brothers Shipping Co. Ltd., Greece 795. Kalimbassieris Marine Consultants Ltd, Greece 796. Karewood Management OÜ, Estonia 797. Kargo Carriers SA, Greece 798. Kasi Malaysia, Malaysia 799. Kassian Maritime Ltd., Greece 800. Kassos Bulk Carriers SA, Marshall Islands 801. Kastoria NE, Greece 802. Katradis Marine Ropes, Greece 803. Katsikis & Sigalas Ltd., Greece 804. KBS Ltd, Greece 805. KC Maritime, Malaysia 806. Ke. Me. New York College AE, Greece 807. Keyoung Shipping Co Ltd, Korea 808. Khor Al Zubair Shipping Co LLC, UAE 809. Kimi SA, Greece 810. Klaipeda Port Authority, Lithuania 811. Klan Gemi Yonetimi Limited STI, Turkey 812. Klip Marine Shipmanagement OU, Estonia 813. KNet 365, USA 814. Knossos Ltd, Bermuda 815. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, UK 816. Komaya Shipping Co Pte Ltd, Singapore 817. Kongsberg Digital AS, Norway 818. Kongsberg Maritime, Norway 819. Konkar Shipping Agencies S.A., Greece 820. Kontor 17 MPM GmbH, Germany 821. Korea Ocean Development Co Ltd, Korea 822. Korea Trade - Investment Promotion Agency, Korea

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 823. Korean Register, Korea 824. Kouros Maritime (Cyprus) Ltd, Cyprus 825. Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc., Greece 826. KPI Bridge Oil AS, Denmark 827. KPMG Certified Auditors SA, Greece 828. Kreousa Shipping company limited, Cyprus 829. Krey Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 830. Kristen Marine SA, Greece 831. Kristen Navigation Inc., Greece 832. Kritsas Shipping (Panama) SA, Greece 833. KSS Line Ltd, Korea 834. Kuehne + Nagel Ltd. (Japan), Japan 835. Kyklades Maritime Corp, Greece 836. Kyla Shipping Company, Greece 837. KYMI SA, Greece 838. Kytheraiki Shipmanagement Inc., Greece 839. LAB021, Korea 840. Lake Breeze Shipping & Trading Inc., Greece 841. Lalizas AE, Greece 842. Lamda Maritime SA, Panama 843. Lamprinos Athanasios Char- Ship Agent, Greece 844. Laskaridis Maritime SA, Greece 845. Laskaridis Shipping Company Ltd, Greece 846. Latsco Marine Management Inc., Greece 847. Lattelais – Alpha, Belgium 848. Lauranne Shipping BV., Netherlands 849. Lauritzen Kosan, Denmark 850. Law OI-KON, Hong Kong 851. Leacroft Shipping S.A., Greece 852. Lean Marine Sweden AB, Sweden 853. Learning Path Mon. AE, Greece 854. Lemar Shipping Inc, Greece 855. Leon Shipping & Trading S.A., Greece 856. Leon Shipping & Trading S.A., Greece 857. Leyton Ltd, Monaco 858. Liberty Management S.A., Greece 859. Libraire Maritime, France 860. Lidmar Shipping & Trading Co Ltd, Greece 861. Lightering LLC, USA 862. Limarko Shipping Company AB, Lithuania 863. Lindblad Expeditions LLC, USA 864. Liquimar Tankers Management Inc, Greece 865. LISCR Hellas SA, Greece 866. LISCR LLC, USA 867. Livanos N.G. Maritime Company Limited, Greece 868. Living Tapes Ltd, UK 869. LMZ Shipping SA, Greece 870. Load Line Marine SA, Greece 871. Locomo Maritime Company, Greece 872. Lognar Maritime Ltd, Ukraine 873. Long Island Maritime Co Ltd., Greece 874. Lotus Shipping Co Ltd, Greece 875. Loukis Co., Greece 876. LPL Shipping S.A., Greece 877. LSC SIA, Latvia 878. Lürssen Yacht Management GmbH, Germany 879. Luxury Marine Charters PTY Ltd, Malta 880. Lydia Mar Shipping Co S.A., Greece 881. M/Maritime Corp., Greece 882. M2Intelligence, Greece 883. MacGregor Greece Ltd, Greece 884. Machrimar Management SA, Greece 885. MACOIL Internationa SA, Greece 886. Maersk Global Service Centres (India) Private, India 887. Maersk Tankers A/S, Denmark 888. Maestro Shipmanagement Ltd, Cyprus 889. Magnus Carrier Corp., Greece 890. Magsaysay Maritime Corp, Philippines 891. Mainpress, Netherlands 892. Majestic International Cruises Inc, Greece 893. Maleas NE, Greece 894. Maltese Line Limited, Malta 895. Mamitank S.A., Greece 896. Mandarin Eagle Shipping Pte Ltd., Singapore 897. Manila Shipmanagement Manning Inc, Philippines 898. Manisa Bulk S.r.l, Italy 899. Manship Maritime Training Center Inc., Philippines 900. Mantinia Shipping Co S.A., Greece 901. Maran Dry Management Inc., Greece 902. Maran Gas Maritime Inc, Greece 903. Maran Tankers Management Inc, Greece 904. Marathon Hellas Agencies Ltd., Greece 905. MarCo, Israel 906. Marcrecida Compania Naviera S.A., Greece 907. Mare Maritime Co SA, Greece 908. Marflet Marine SA, Spain 909. Marin Teknikk AS, Norway 910. Marin Tours, Greece 911. Marine & Industrial Systems Ltd., Greece 912. Marine Bulk S.A., Greece 913. Marine Industrial Concerns S.A., Greece 914. Marine Management Services MC, Greece 915. Marine Managers Ltd., Greece 916. Marine Media Enterprises, UK 917. Marine Response Alliance, USA 918. Marine Security International, Greece 919. Marine Tech SA de CV, Mexico 920. Marine Trust Ltd, Greece 921. Mariners Shipping Agency SA, Greece 922. Marinsa Denizcilik A.S, Turkey 923. Marita Hellas SA, Greece 924. Mariteam Nigeria Ltd, Nigeria 925. Mariteam Services Inc., Greece 926. Maritech EPE, Greece

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 927. Maritim Management AS, Norway 928. Maritime and Coastguard Agency, UK 929. Maritime Management Inc., Ireland 930. Maritime Medical Applications BV, Netherlands 931. Maritime Professional Training, USA 932. Maritime Ways SA, Marshall Islands 933. Marla Dry Shipmanagement Inc., Greece 934. Marla Tankers Shipmanagement Inc., Greece 935. Marlog Guyana Inc., USA 936. Marlog Services Limited, Cuba 937. Marlow Navigation Co Ltd, Cyprus 938. Marlow Navigation Netherlands B.V., Netherlands 939. Marlow Ship Management Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 940. Marnavi S.p.A., Italy 941. Marpoint, Greece 942. Marorka, Iceland 943. Marshall Islands International Registries INC, USA 944. Marsig mbH, Germany 945. Marwave Shipmanagement srl , Italy 946. Maryville Maritime Inc., Greece 947. Master Maritime Agencies Co Inc, Turkey 948. Matrix Energy Group, Nigeria 949. Mauritius Shipping Corporation Ltd, Mauritius 950. Mayamar Marine Enterprises SA, Greece 951. Maymar Marine Supply Inc, USA 952. MCR-Shipping B.V., Netherlands 953. Meadway Shipping & Trading Inc, Greece 954. Meandros Lines S.A., Greece 955. Medcare Shipping SA, Greece 956. Mediterranean Car Carriers Lines SA, Greece 957. Mediterranean Chartering & Trading Inc., Greece 958. Mediterranean Shipping Agency, Tunisia 959. Medlink Management SA, Greece 960. Medstar SRL, Italy 961. Medtankers Management Ltd., Greece 962. Medways Shipping SA, Greece 963. Meffan Trading Corp., Greece 964. Mega Chemical Schiffahrt AG Zurich, Germany 965. Mega Investments Co S.A., Greece 966. Mekong Petroleum Transport Joint, Vietnam 967. Melissa Metaforiki Tsimentou NE, Greece 968. Merchant Marine Management S.A., Greece 969. Mercy Ships, UK 970. METIS Cyberspace Technology SA., Greece 971. Metizoft AS, Norway 972. Metrostar Management Corp., Greece 973. MH Flow Water Technologies Ltd, Cyprus 974. MIE Co Ltd, Cyprus 975. Millennium Shipping and Trading SAC, Peru 976. Minerva Marine Inc., Greece 977. Minerva Ship Management Inc., Greece 978. Minmarine Shipmanagement GmbH & CO.KG, Germany 979. Minoa Marine Limited, Greece 980. Mintra AS, Norway 981. Mipos Limited, Channel Islands 982. Mirtali Shipping Ltd., Greece 983. Mistral Shipping & Trading Co. Inc., Turkey 984. Misuga Kaiun Co Ltd, Japan 985. Miyabi Yachting Limited, Malta 986. MM Marine Inc., Greece 987. Mobil Oil Hellas AE, Greece 988. Mobile Technology S.A., Greece 989. MOLNG Transport Europe Ltd, UK 990. Monship Navigation, Montenegro 991. Montana Ship Management Inc., Greece 992. Montec Ship Management DMCC, UAE 993. Morevest Shipping Company Limited, Cyprus 994. Morfini SPA, Italy 995. Motia Compania Di Navigazione Spa, Italy 996. Motion Smith, Singapore 997. MPK Shipping Inc, Greece 998. MPP Carriers S.A., Greece 999. MRA Maritime Reefer Agency GmbH, Germany 1000. MS Rio Tamara GmbH & Co, Germany 1001. MS Sagasund AS, Norway 1002. MSI Shipmanagement Pte Ltd., Singapore 1003. MT Shipping (Cyprus) Ltd, Cyprus 1004. MTM Shipmanagement, Singapore 1005. Mudala Navigation Company, Syria 1006. MVM group, UK 1007. Mykonos Shipping Co Ltd., Greece 1008. Naess Acquisitions Co LLC, Switzerland 1009. Naf Shipping, Greece 1010. Naftiki Eteria Egeou, Greece 1011. Naftomar Shipping & Trading Co Ltd, Greece 1012. Naftotrade shipping & commercial SA, Greece 1013. Nakashipma Propeller Co Ltd, Japan 1014. Nanophos S.A., Greece 1015. Naomi Grice, UK 1016. Napa Ltd, Finland 1017. Narval Chartering & Trading SA, Greece 1018. Narval Shipping Corporation, Greece 1019. Natgroup Solutions & Services Ltd, Cyprus 1020. National Shipping & Investment Co, Egypt 1021. Nautica Mostra Mercha SRL, Italy 1022. Nautical Marine Trading & Services, Netherlands 1023. Nautilus sjo AS, Norway 1024. Nautisk Forlag AS, UK 1025. Navale Francaise, France 1026. Navantia S.A, Spain 1027. Navarino Telecom AE, Greece 1028. Navarone S.A., Greece

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 1029. Navegadora Panoceanica SA, Pakistan 1030. Naviera Monte Udala SLU, Spain 1031. Naviera Monte Urquiola SLU, Spain 1032. Naviera Ulises Ltd, Greece 1033. Navigation Maritime Ltd., Greece 1034. Navina Maritime S.A., Greece 1035. Navios Corporation Management Inc, Greece 1036. Navios Tankers Management Inc, Greece 1037. Navitas Compania Maritima S.A., Greece 1038. Navitrans Maritime Inc., Greece 1039. Navquim Ship Management, Netherlands 1040. Navship Maritime Co Ltd., Greece 1041. NAV-TECH B.V., Netherlands 1042. Navtor AS, Norway 1043. Naxos N.E., Greece 1044. Nea Ellinika Nafpigeia AE, Greece 1045. Nearchos Shipmanagement Co., Greece 1046. Neda Maritime Agency Co Ltd., Greece 1047. Nemo Marine Co Ltd., Greece 1048. Neom Maritime, Singapore 1049. Nepheli Marine Company, Liberia 1050. Neptune Dry Management Company, Greece 1051. Neptune Lines Shipping & Managing Enterprises SA, Greece 1052. Neptune Pacific Agency Pty Ltd, New Zealand 1053. Neptune Shipping Line, New Zealand 1054. Nereus Shipping S.A., Greece 1055. NET Co Ltd, Korea 1056. Neverland Shipping Srl, Italy 1057. New Line Maritime Company, Greece 1058. New Ocean Shipmanagement Pte Ltd, Singapore 1059. New Shipping Ltd, Greece 1060. New Vision Shipping S.A., Greece 1061. New York College, Greece 1062. Newlead Victoria Ltd, Liberia 1063. Newport SA, Greece 1064. Nexus Shipping Inc, Greece 1065. Nico Middle East Ltd., UAE 1066. Nikator Navigation SA, Greece 1067. Nimbero Shipping Co Ld., Greece 1068. Niovis Shipping Co SA, Greece 1069. Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Greece) SA, Greece 1070. Niriis Shipping S.A., Greece 1071. NLNG Ship Management Ltd, Nigeria 1072. Nobel Maritime Inc., Greece 1073. Nolis SPA, Algeria 1074. Nomikos A.E. Shipping Investments Ltd, Greece 1075. Nomikos A.M. TMA S.A., Greece 1076. Nomikos E. Corp., Greece 1077. Norbulk (Hellas) S.A., Greece 1078. Norbulk Shipping (UK) Ltd, UK 1079. Nordstrand Maritime & Trading Co Ltd., Greece 1080. Norgas Carriers AS, Norway 1081. Norges Varemesse AS, Norway 1082. Normec LSE BV, Netherlands 1083. Norsafe Watercraft Hellas AE, Greece 1084. North Aegean Consortium for Salvage & Towage, Greece 1085. Northern Drilling Management Ltd, Korea 1086. Northern Marine Management Ltd, UK 1087. Northsouth Maritime Company Limited, Greece 1088. NorthStandard Group Services Limited, UK 1089. Northstar Maritime SA, Greece 1090. North-West SEAS, Germany 1091. Norton Marine SA, Panama 1092. Norwegian Maritime Foundation of the Philippines, Inc., Philippines 1093. Nostos Alpha, France 1094. Notus Shipping Ltd, Malta 1095. Nova Ship Tech SA, Switzerland 1096. NRG Maritime Inc, Greece 1097. NS United Kaiun Kaisha Ltd, Japan 1098. NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG, Germany 1099. NSC Liquids Transport & GmbH & Cie KG, Germany 1100. NSC Tank GmbH & Cie KG, Germany 1101. NTL Marine Co Ltd, Thailand 1102. O.W. Marine Engineering, Poland 1103. O.W.Tankers A/S, Denmark 1104. Ocean Bulker I LLC, Switzerland 1105. Ocean Drive, France 1106. Ocean Freighters Ltd, Greece 1107. Ocean Manager, USA 1108. Ocean Maritime Management Ltd, Greece 1109. Ocean Resources AS, Norway 1110. Ocean Ship Management (Pte) Ltd, Singapore 1111. Ocean Shipholdings Inc., USA 1112. Oceanbulk Carriers SA, Greece 1113. Oceanbulk Containers Management SA, Greece 1114. Oceanbulk Maritime S.A., Greece 1115. Oceangold Tankers Inc, Greece 1116. Oceanic Maritime Limited, UK 1117. Oceanking AE, Greece 1118. Oceanmaris Management Inc., Greece 1119. Oceansaver AS, Norway 1120. Oceanstar Management Inc., Greece 1121. Oceanwide Marine Services BV, Netherlands 1122. OceanX, USA 1123. Octavia Trading S.A., Greece 1124. Odysea Carriers SA, Greece 1125. Oesterreichischer Lloyd Ship Management (Cyprus) Ltd, Cyprus 1126. Office of Defence Seaworthiness Regulator, Australia 1127. Oikonomiko Kollegio Athinon, Greece

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 1128. Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 1129. OljOla Shipping AB, Sweden 1130. OLP, Greece 1131. Olympia Group AE, Greece 1132. Olympia Navigation Co, Greece 1133. Olympia Ocean Carriers Ltd, Cyprus 1134. Olympic Gulf Tankers Co Ltd., Greece 1135. Olympic Shipping A/S, Norway 1136. Olympic Subsea ASA, Italy 1137. Olympic Vision, Greece 1138. OM Ships International, Germany 1139. Omicron Ship Management Inc., Greece 1140. Omikron Marine Konsultants PLTD, Bulgaria 1141. Onexes Maritime Services, Sweden 1142. OneLearn Global Ltd, Cyprus 1143. Onplus Design & Markering Consortium, Korea 1144. Opera SA, Greece 1145. Optimal Shipping and Chartering Ltd, Marshall Islands 1146. Optimum Marine Management Ltd, Greece 1147. Optimum Shipmanagement, Greece 1148. Oras Denizcilik ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti., Turkey 1149. Order Shipping Co Ltd., Greece 1150. Oriani Limited, UK 1151. Orion Shiptrade S.A., Greece 1152. ORKIM, Malaysia 1153. ORN Marketing AB, Sweden 1154. Orpheus Marine Transport Corp., Greece 1155. Oscar Shipmanagement S.A., Greece 1156. OSG Ship Management Ltd, Greece 1157. OSM Ship Management Finland Oy, Finland 1158. Osterreichischer Lloyd Seereederei (Cyprus) Ltd., Cyprus 1159. Overseas Marine Enterprises Inc., Greece 1160. Overseas Maritime Carries SA, Switzerland 1161. Oy Langh ship Ab, Finland 1162. P & M Maritime Consultants Ltd., Greece 1163. P & O Maritime, Ireland 1164. P & P Shipping Co Hellas SA, Greece 1165. P Ships Systems Ltd., Cyprus 1166. P.I.S.R. Ltd, Cyprus 1167. P/F THOR, Faroe Islands 1168. Pacific Basin Shipping (HK) Ltd, Hong Kong 1169. Pacific Ocean Group, Philippines 1170. Pacific Ship Management Co. Ltd, Japan 1171. Paddington Shipping Co Ltd, Monaco 1172. Pager Marine SA, Greece 1173. Palma Trading Corporation, Liberia 1174. Paltoglou Co, Greece 1175. Panamanian Services SA, Greece 1176. Panasia Co Ltd, Korea 1177. Pankar Maritime S.A., Greece 1178. Panmar S.A., Greece 1179. Panmarine Ltd, Greece 1180. Panorm Intergrated Shipping SA, Greece 1181. Pantheon Tankers Management Ltd, Greece 1182. Pantor Holding SA, Panama 1183. Papa Shipping Co. (Hellas) S.A., Greece 1184. Paradise Navigation S.A., Greece 1185. Paragon Shipping Inc, Greece 1186. Parakou Shipmanagement Pte Ltd, Singapore 1187. Paralos Maritime Corp. S.A., Greece 1188. Pasa I.T.S., Turkey 1189. Pasifai Shipping Company, Greece 1190. Pavimar SA, Greece 1191. PB Tankers SPA, Italy 1192. PB Towage limited, Australia 1193. Peace Tankers Srl, Italy 1194. Pendulum Shipmanagement Inc, Greece 1195. Perosea Shipping Co S.A., Greece 1196. Perseas Shipping SA, Greece 1197. Petrobulk Maritime Inc., Greece 1198. Petrochem General Management S.A, Greece 1199. Petrofin S.A., Greece 1200. Petrogas Distribuidora Maritima SLU, Canary Islands 1201. Petronav Ship Management Ltd., Cyprus 1202. Petroships S.A., Greece 1203. PHIL-BRIGHT Ocean Ship Management Inc., Philippines 1204. Philippine Center for Advanced Maritime Simulation and Training, Inc., Philippines 1205. Phoenix Energy Navigation SA, Greece 1206. Phoenix Maritime Enterprises, UAE 1207. Phoenix Register of Shipping SA, Greece 1208. Phoenix Shipholding Corp, Greece 1209. Phoenix Shipping & Trading SA, Greece 1210. Pikey Navigation S.A., Greece 1211. Pilot Shipping Co, Greece 1212. Piraeus Marine Services, Liberia 1213. Pitiousa Shipping S.A., Greece 1214. PL Shipping Co, Greece 1215. Platin Shipping and Trading Co, Turkey 1216. Pleiades Shipping Agents SA, Greece 1217. Plutofylax Shipping Corp, Greece 1218. Polarchem Ltd., Greece 1219. Polembros Shipping Ltd., Greece 1220. Polforce Shipping Co. S.A., Greece 1221. Polish Baltic Shipping Co., Poland 1222. Polrom Oil Maritime, Greece 1223. POLSTEAM Shipping Company Ltd, Cyprus 1224. Pontoporia Offshore Ltd., Greece 1225. Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago 1226. Port of Brisbane, Australia 1227. Portunato & Company SRL, Italy 1228. POS SM Co Ltd, Korea

SAFETY | QUALI TY | ENVIRONMENT Client List as of June 2024 (including all SQE Group past & present Affiliates) sqemarine.com risk4sea.com safety4sea.com sqegroup.com 1229. Poseidon Ltd, Greece 1230. Poseidon Marine Consultants Ltd, Canada 1231. Poseidon Marine Supplies, Greece 1232. Poseidon Maritime, Greece 1233. Poseidon Shipping Co Ltd, Greece 1234. POSH Fleet Services Pte Ltd, Singapore 1235. Postma & Cohen BV, Netherlands 1236. Powertec Ltd, Greece 1237. PPG Coatings SPRL. / BVBA TSA, Belgium 1238. PPG Coatings Belgium B.V., Belgium 1239. Prestige Cruise Services (Europe) Ltd, UK 1240. Priamos Maritime S.A., Greece 1241. Pricewaterhousecoopers Business Solutions SA, Greece 1242. Primarine GmbH, Germany 1243. Prime Marine Management Inc., Greece 1244. Prime Tanker Management Inc, Greece 1245. Primebulk Shipmanagement Ltd, Greece 1246. Primera Maritime (Hellas) Ltd., Greece 1247. Prisma Electronics SA, Greece 1248. Procure Ship A.E, Greece 1249. Product Shipping & Trading SA, Greece 1250. Promar Shipping Services - Portugal Unipessoal Lda., Portugal 1251. Promaritime Offshore LDA, Angola 1252. Prominence Shipping SA, Greece 1253. Prominent Shipmanagement Limited, Hong Kong 1254. Propetrol Limited, Nigeria 1255. Propulsion Analytics IKE, Greece 1256. Propulsion Dynamics, USA 1257. Prosperity Bay Shipping Co Ltd, Greece 1258. Protank Management SA, Greece 1259. PSG Procurement Services GmbH, Denmark 1260. Prosperity Bay Shipping Co Ltd, Greece 1261. PSV Hellespont Dawn GmbH & Co KG, Germany 1262. PT Gemilang Bina Lintas Tirta, Indonesia 1263. PT Karya Teknik Utama-Batam, Indonesia 1264. PT Maskapai Pelayaran Pulau Laut, Indonesia 1265. PT Pertamina International Shipping, Indonesia 1266. PT Pertaminia Perkapalan, Indonesia 1267. PT Perusahaa Pelayaran Equinox, Indonesia 1268. PT Promacindo, Indonesia 1269. PT Samudera Indonesia Ship Management, Indonesia 1270. PT. PEL. Usahagas Elpindo, Indonesia 1271. Purchasing Marine Ltd, Greece 1272. Putra Standards Pte Ltd, Singapore 1273. Pyrsos Shipping Co Ltd., Greece 1274. Q88, Greece 1275. Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd, Qatar 1276. QMS Ltd, Greece 1277. Quale Navigation Limited, Greece 1278. Quantum Shipping Services Ltd., Greece 1279. Queensway Navigation Co Ltd., Greece 1280. Quixote Holdings Co, Cayman Islands 1281. Rainbow ShipManagement S.A., Greece 1282. Rana Denizcilik Nakliyat San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti., Turkey 1283. Ranger Marine S.A., Greece 1284. Recall Recover Limited, UK 1285. Red Sea Marine Services, Saudi Arabia 1286. Red Sea Shipping, Saudi Arabia 1287. Rederi AB Donsotank, Sweden 1288. Rederi AB Veritas Tankers, Sweden 1289. Rederi Shipping, Finland 1290. Rederiet MH Simonsen ApS, Denmark 1291. Rederiet Stenersen AS, Norway 1292. Rederij H. Steenstra BV, Netherlands 1293. Reederei F. Laeisz GmbH, Germany 1294. Reederei MS “RENATE” GmbH & Co KG, Germany 1295. Reederei TMS “Atlantic Twin” Gmbh & Co KG, Germany 1296. Reederei Nord GmbH, Germany 1297. Reederi Nord Oldendorff Ltd., Cyprus 1298. Refereij Holland Offshore, Netherlands 1299. Refill Shipmanagement S.A., Greece 1300. Reformar Canada, Canada 1301. Remi Maritime Corporation, Greece 1302. Remoy Shipping, Norway 1303. Retramar SAS, Colombia 1304. Reuters News & Media Ltd, UK 1305. Riamar Shipping, Albania 1306. Ribex Maritime Ltd., Bulgaria 1307. Rigel Schiffahrts GmbH & CO KG, Germany 1308. RightShip, Australia 1309. Rina Academy, Philippines 1310. RINA Hellas SA, Greece 1311. RINA Services, Italy 1312. Ritelane Marine Inc, Greece 1313. River Thames Shipping Co, Monaco 1314. Rivertrace Limited, UK 1315. Rix Shipping Ltd, UK 1316. Rizzo-Bottiglieri-De Carlini Armatori SpA, Italy 1317. Rogan Associates, Greece 1318. Rohde Nielsen A/S, Denmark 1319. Rokoship Inc., Greece 1320. Roks Maritime Inc., Greece 1321. Roswell Tankers Corp, Greece 1322. Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands 1323. Roussos J.G. Shipping S.A., Greece 1324. Roxana Shipping SA, Greece 1325. Royal Belgian Ship Owners’ Association, Belgium 1326. Royal Express Ship Management & Operation LLC, UAE 1327. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Russia 1328. Rye Central Investment SA, Panama 1329. S & O Ship Management Ltd, Greece 1330. S.Livanos Hellas S.A, Greece 1331. S.M Leader Co. Ltd, Korea