SQE Group Client List

www.risk4sea.com/automation RISK4SEA is a SaaS PSC Intelligence platform illuminating PSC performance to Prepare/Assess PSC inspections, Benchmark against competition and Automate PSC functions & alerts to eliminate detentions and minimize OPEX. Client List ▼ PSC Automation License can Identify with 95%+ success rate if the ship will be inspected, automatically Provide 20-35 checklist focus items to cover 80-95% port findings Streamline communications between ship/shore Minimise 10x Detentions and OPEX ► ► ► ► Ships detained every 36 months 5,000 88% have NO other detention within the last 36 months 3the key reasons behind any detention Ignorance of a PSC Inspection Probability Ignorance of the local PSC Focus items Inadequate communication of priorities to the ship 1) 2) 3) of Ships detained PSC Alert