SQE Group Client List

sqegroup.com SQEGROUP is Fostering Sustainable Shipping, for more than 25 years, providing Maritime Safety, Quality & Environmental Solutions, operating SQE MARINE (QHSSE & Regulatory Compliance Consulting, SMS & Ship Manuals), SEADEMY (Training & e-learning), RISK4SEA (PSC Benchmarking, Preparation & Automation) and SAFETY4SEA (Portal, Magazines, Forums, Awards, Surveys & Tailored Publications), to a client list of 1,600+ clients, based in 75+ countries. sqemarine.com safety4sea.com seademy.com risk4sea.com SMS QHSSE Consulting QHSSE Ship Manuals SEAFiT safety4sea.com Forums Awards SOFT SKILLS CREW WELLNESS Magazines Tailored Publications RISK4SEA SEADEMY SQEGROUP 1,600 + CLIENTS WORLD CLASS QUALITY VALUE FOR MONEY