SQE Group Client List

www.risk4sea.com/Automation RISK4SEA is a SaaS PSC Intelligence platform illuminating PSC performance to Prepare/Assess PSC inspections, Benchmark against competition and Automate PSC functions and alerts to eliminate detentions and minimize OPEX. Client List ▼ 95% PSC Inspection Guess Rate 20-35 Checklist Focus Items 80-95% Port Findings Coverage 10xMinimize OPEX Automation License will Dear Captain, Chief Engineer and Team, Your ship is due to Belgium on abt 17/07/2023 where our PSC Assessment indicates that PSC will board your ship, and therefore a�ach a relevant Focus PSC Prepara�on checklist, including 11 priority items with a total of 22 focus items, specifically for the port(s) that you will be visi�ng. Please review the a�ached and act accordingly, by making sure all a�ached items are addressed & keep our team informed of any assistance that may be required. All the best! The HSQE Team PSC CRITICAL Inspec�on | Belgium abt 17/07/2023| DARRIFF From: PSCAlerts@risk4sea.com To: HSQE@DOCholder.com ; FleetSup3@DOCholder.com ; Ship.master23@DOCholder.com PSC Checklist-DARRIFF-2023_07_17-Belgium 15KB