SQE Group Client List

Dear Colleague Apostolos Belokas CEO SQE Group abe@sqegroup.com Apostolos Belokas @ApoBelokas SQEGROUP is Fostering Sustainable Shipping, for more than 25 years, providing Maritime Safety, Quality & Environmental Solutions, operating SQE MARINE (QHSSE & Regulatory Compliance Consulting, SMS & Ship Manuals), SEADEMY (Training & e-learning), RISK4SEA (PSC Benchmarking, Preparation & Automation) and SAFETY4SEA (Portal, Magazines, Forums, Awards, Surveys & Tailored Publications), to a client list of 1,600+ clients, based in 75+ countries. Shipping is a global industry, where compliance, implementation of best practices and sustainability has always been a challenge. Now more than ever. SQE Group has been in the game for twenty five (25) years with a highly successful track record, based in the most competitive market, at the world capital of Ship Management, being a world leader on providing sustainable shipping solutions including Regulatory Compliance, SMS Consulting, Training, Best Practice, Portal, Magazines, Awards and PSC Analytics with a number of services as properly outlined in our group website (www.sqegroup.com) providing directions to separate service websites and pages. This client list includes all past and present affiliates of our group, (including the IBS Marine Legacy, We act innovatively & responsibly to industry needs operating in an ethical, transparent and forward thinking way, fostering sustainable shipping Clients Environment Industry Human Element CSR Serving Clients 1,600 + Clients 75 Countries World Class Quality 25 + Years Raising Environmental Awareness Events & Awards Promoting Best Practises Developing Leaders SQEACADEMY SKILL4SEA Forums & Masterclasses www.sqemarine.com our initial corporate id from 1998 to 2010) along with an illustration of our latest services and offerings for your information. To learn more about the services and offerings we provide we kindly ask you to visit our group website and dedicated service websites so that we not only enhance your understanding but also provide you with the required confidence to continue choosing our Group and affiliate companies as a service partner. We trust that you will find this Client List of value and assure you that we look forward to providing you with the best maritime solutions and highest level of quality client service standards.